Principles of Website Testing: The Framework & 20 Tools that Automate the Process: Learn how to test your website’s functionality, security (SSL), speed, responsiveness & SEO

From functionality, security, speed, responsiveness, accessibility and SEO; together, we’ll uncover the answers about what’s under the skin of the site in question. Audiences for this book include web designers, web developers and tech-savvy business owners. Not only does this book teach you how to methodically conduct testing, but it also introduces a unique website testing checklist. Each topic within the book has easy to follow explanations and each tool was hand-picked with care. For business owners, I hope that this book helps you make an informed decision about whether you really need a whole new website. For web developers and web designers out there, this book will help you embark on your own comprehensive website testing journey. You will now be empowered to test every one of your sites in ways that you did not think of testing them before.

Author: M. Rokhlin

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Categories: SEO