Pragmatic WCF

Pragmatic WCF is the detail oriented, best-selling book to Microsoft’s Unified Platform for developing service-oriented applications. This book provides unique insight rather than documentation and theoretical concepts. It helps you to learn the topics live with complete demo and skills you need to develop for WCF based application that are maintainable, reusable and extensible. Best thing about this book is you really do not need to be expert in this technology to get started. Even if you are novice to this, this will give you better understanding about WCF usage and its patterns. Below are the list of topics, which you will learn in detail. I. Learn about Service Orientation – Architecture, Design & Applications II. Contracts & Services Essentials III. Hosting & Service Configurations IV. Proxies & Client Configurations V. Process & Threading VI. Bindings & Behaviors VII. Metadata Exchange VIII. Instancing & Concurrency IX. Faults & Exceptions X. Operations & XI. Security.

Author: Rahul Sahay

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