Practical DevOps – Second Edition: Implement DevOps in your organization by effectively building, deploying, testing and monitoring code

Appreciate the merits of DevOps and continuous delivery to see how it supports the agile software development processKey FeaturesLearn how DevOps will accelerate your entire software development life cycleImprove your organization's performance to ensure smooth production of software and servicesGet hands-on experience in using efficient DevOps tools to better effectBook DescriptionDevOps is a practical field that focuses on delivering business value as efficiently as possible. DevOps encompasses all the flows from code through testing environments to production environments. It stresses the cooperation between different roles, and how they can work together more closely, as the roots of the word imply-Development and Operations. After a quick refresher to DevOps and continuous delivery, we quickly move on to looking at how DevOps affects architecture.You'll create a sample enterprise Java application that you'll continue to work with through the remaining chapters. Following this, we explore various code storage and build server options. You will then learn how to perform code testing with a few tools and deploy your test successfully. Next, you will learn how to monitor code for any anomalies and make sure it's running properly. Finally, you will discover how to handle logs and keep track of the issues that affect processes.What you will learnUnderstand how all the systems fit together to form a larger wholeSet up and familiarize yourself with all the tools you need to be efficient with DevOpsDesign an application that is suitable for continuous deployment systems with Devops in mindStore and manage your code effectively using different options such as Git, Gerrit, and GitlabConfigure a job to build a sample CRUD applicationTest the code using automated regression testing with Jenkins SeleniumDeploy your code using tools such as Puppet, Ansible, Palletops, Chef, and VagrantWho This Book Is ForThis book is aimed at developers and system administrators who wish to take on larger responsibilities and understand how the infrastructure that builds today's enterprises works. This book is also great for operations personnel who would like to better support developers. You do not need to have any previous knowledge of DevOps.

Author: Joakim Verona

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