Powershell Tutorial Volume 1: 7 Practical Tutorials That Will Get You Scripting In No Time (Powershell Scripting, Powershell In Depth, Powershell Cookbook, Windows Powershell)

"PowerShell Tutorial Volume 1" teaches you Windows PowerShell - takes your PowerShell skills from zero to Pro level. Fully hands-on with step-by-step labs! Why You Should Read PowerShell Tutorial Volume 1 This volume has 7 tutorials. At the end of each tutorial, you would have learnt an essential PowerShell concept. Each Tutorial also contains a step by step lab so you can practice as you learn. Each PowerShell tutorial is independent but builds on the knowledge of the previous tutorial. What is in PowerShell Tutorial Volume 1?POWERSHELL TUTORIAL 1: Introduction to PowerShell and Cmdlets:Tutorial 1 Introduces PowerShell and PowerShell cmdlets. It then teaches you how to find cmdlets using the Get-Command cmdlet.Tutorial 1 also discusses cmdlet parameters and Aliases.POWERSHELL TUTORIAL 2: Getting help with the Get-Help cmdlet:Tutorial 2 focuses on the Get-Help Command. It teaches you how to use the Get-Help command to get information about cmdlets. Tutorial 2 also covers how to understand cmdlet syntaxes from the results of the Get-Help command. POWERSHELL TUTORIAL 3: Variables and Pipelines:Tutorial 3 introduces you to PowerShell variables, one of the most important concepts in PowerShell scripting. It covers different types of variables and how you can use them in scripting. Tutorial 3 also covers PowerShell Pipelines and how to use them.POWERSHELL TUTORIAL 4: Introduction to Scripts and Functions:Tutorial 4 Introduces you to Scripts, Functions and Modules. It teaches you how to write Scripts, Functions and Modules. It also teaches you the difference between them. Tutorial 4 also covers PowerShell File Extensions; the default location for PowerShell modules and how you install PowerShell modules. POWERSHELL TUTORIAL 5: Commenting and Breaking scripts:Tutorial 5 teaches you How to add Comments to your Script; it shows you how to break (stop executing) scripts using the 'Break' statement. Tutorial 5 also teaches you how and why you should use the 'Escape' (Backtick) Character in PowerShell scripting. It also shows you how to use this very important character in PowerShell scripting.POWERSHELL TUTORIAL 6: PowerShell Operators:Tutorial 6 teaches you PowerShell Operators. Understanding PowerShell Operators is very important to your scripting career. Tutorial 6 teaches you about Comparison, Arithmetic, Logical, Split, Join, Redirection and Assignment Operators. Tutorial 6 also teaches you detailed application of the listed operators with examples.POWERSHELL TUTORIAL 7: Introduction to Object Properties:Tutorial 7 (the last in Volume 1) introduces you to Object Properties, another very important concept! This tutorial teaches you how to access PowerShell object properties using variables. Tutorial 7 also teaches you about Objects 'MemberTypes' and their applications in scripting. Finally, Tutorial 7 explores the Get-Member Cmdlet in detail and shows you how to manipulate object properties using this powerful cmdlet. Connect with PowerShell Tutorial Book SeriesTwitter.com/PowerShellDIYfacebook.com/PowerShellTutorialBook Get your copy of "PowerShell Tutorial Volume 1" at this discounted priceTags: Powershell Scripting,Powershell In Depth, Powershell Cookbook, Windows Powershell, Windows PowerShell 4.0, windows PowerShell for developers, windows PowerShell in action, Powershell 5, Powershell 5.0, PowerShell For Beginners, PowerShell step by step

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