Powering Content: Building a Nonstop Content Marketing Machine

Your new product is ready to launch and you’re itching to tell potential customers all about it. But how do you make your message stand out above all the noise and marketing clutter? Take the guesswork out of content management with this hands-on guide. You’ll learn how to produce and manage powerful content pieces that speak directly to customers and compel them to respond.Author Laura Busche walks you through content strategies and tactics drawn from business, design, and psychology insights. Packed with examples and exercises, this book teaches you how to tell your story with engaging copy, potent images, and striking design—all carefully orchestrated through well-oiled production management. Solopreneurs, startups, marketing managers, and execs will learn 10 Essential Steps to Content Success, with deep dives into:Content strategy: understand your audience, choose and prioritize channels, and find your brand’s core themes, voice, and toneContent creation: craft an engaging experience with content formats and copywriting formulas and templatesContent management: organize, delegate, and supervise tasks; optimize the content production process to reuse successful patterns

Author: Laura Busche

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Categories: SEO