Planning, Deploying and Installing Data Protector 9: For the datacentre, the cloud and remote offices (Volume 1)

This very accessible book is a valuable resource for pre-sales, consultants, sysadmins and anyone involved in deploying a new instance of Data Protector. For resellers, distributors or HP staff involved in pre-sales it provides an overview of research into what the customer base has found valuable in Data Protector, and some in-depth coverage of some very common solution designs. For consultants and implementors this book provides step-by-step screenshots to implement Data Protector functions from scratch. The walk-throughs show much more detail than the HP-supplied manuals, and also provides guidance on what can go wrong and suggestions for good designs. It can be used as a course book for a one day face-to-face delivered class. Slides for instructors to use are available separately. Topics covered: Reasons customers choose Data Protector Areas of comparative weakness Installing Windows and Linux cell managers Agent deployment methods StoreOnce de-duplication Backing up filesystems Backing up VMware Backing up cloud-hosted servers Configuring tape drives Managing media Backups spooled via disk Remote office backups replicated to a central office Reporting There is also a chapter on the internal database schema -- content unique to this book -- to complement the content on backup and restore of the internal database.

Author: Greg Baker

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