Pentesting with Android

This book covers the Android operating system and how it can be deployed during a security assessment of an organization.  With the majority of mobile devices such as tablets, cell phones and many other devices the Android OS has not only shown its popular but also its versatility.  As a common and versatile platform it can be deployed as a very powerful and flexible tool which can be used as part of a penetration test of an organization.  Backed up by the fact that the operating system and tools can be installed on a small, mobile device such as a cell phone that can be easily concealed and doesn’t draw undue attention a potent tool can be carried into just about any environment with ease. This book covers the penetration testing process as well as the tools used when conducted using the Android platform.  While penetration testing is covered the book will not stop there as it will also introduce the unique abilities that Android and its tools plus environment bring to the table. Some of the topics covered in the book will include: Linux vs Android vs Customized Android OS for penetration testing.  How each differs and what they offer over the others. Enhanced Bluetooth hacking using the unique abilities of the Android OS and hardware based solutions such as the Ubertooth One.  Using Android solutions to map networks and automatically gain reconnaissance on a targeted network Building an Android based penetration tester’s toolkit without breaking the bank Performing NFC hacking Mapping, controlling and dominating WiFi Networks Sniffing wired, wireless, and Bluetooth traffic  

Author: Oriyano

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