PCI DSS V3.2 – That’s the Way It Is: V3.2

At first sight, PCI DSS could seem simple.Twelve requirements to swallow and that is it! But any compliance manager who undertook the PCI journey would tell you how it could turn rapidly into a long, laborious, tedious and challenging journey. The path to compliance is littered with traps, imprecisions, doubts, technological, organizational and human challenges. Through this eBook, my aim is to simplify the life of glorious knights responsible for getting their company up to mandatory compliance levels (and keep it there). More than 250 pages of clarifications and discussions about various PCI related ambiguous areas, confusion and misunderstanding.This new version is fully aligned with PCI DSS 3.2. New chapters including: The state of compliance; What They Say About It; The Hunt for CC; What Change with 3.2 and a whole section dedicated to PCI Program and Projects management. A Must Read.

Author: Didier Godart

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