Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Developer’s Guide (Database & ERP – OMG)

Create Modern, Enterprise Mobile Apps with Oracle Mobile Cloud ServiceCreate and deploy high-performance enterprise mobile applications using the hands-on information contained in this Oracle Press guide. Written by a director of product management within Oracle’s platform-as-a-service group, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Developer’s Guide features a start-to-finish case study application that clearly demonstrates key techniques and features. Learn how to set up mobile back ends, work with native SDKs, build custom APIs, and deliver best-in-class mobile services with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator and enterprise mobile solutions are fully covered in this comprehensive resource.•Explore the features and benefits of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service•Work from the command line, within Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, and native platform IDEs•Visually describe business objects using REST API for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service•Perform CRUD operations on the back end and client side•Develop mobile applications using SDKs for iOS and Android •Build a cross-platform client with Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator•Monitor and administer Oracle Mobile Cloud Service in enterprises of all sizes

Author: John Thomas

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