Mobile DevOps

Key FeaturesEfficiently deliver continuous integration and deployment within all the stages of your application's lifecycleLearn to implement mobile DevOps with Xamarin and Visual StudioDeliver high quality and performing mobile applicationsBook DescriptionThe main goal of this book is to teach developers to implement DevOps to build, test, and deliver. This book will teach you to implement Mobile DevOps at every stage of your application's lifecycle with Visual Studio and Xamarin Mobile Lifecycle solutions. Later, it will also show you how to leverage Mobile Center's continuous integration and automated testing to develop a high-quality applications. Next, you’ll see how to mobilize your on-premises data to the cloud and increase your productivity with code reuse. Finally, you’ll discover how to find and fix bugs beforehand, improving the efficiency of your application while it is being developed.By the end of this book, you will be well-versed with Mobile DevOps techniques, delivering high quality and high performance mobile apps.What you will learnBecome fluent with the basic components of Mobile DevopsFind out how to use code repositories and install Git on an EC2 server and manage users and groupsSet up an Android device for development and install Visual Studio and Xamarin on WindowsCreate an Android project and UI for applicationsAdd permissions to Android ManifestWrite tests with Xamarin. UI and test using test cloud to check it on multiple devicesMonitor and optimize the application using the Android monitoring toolDebug the mobile application and improve its efficiencyAbout the AuthorRohin is a mobile app and web developer with experience in web development and Microsoft .NET technologies. He has experience in C# , Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.UITest, Test Cloud (for testing apps on multiple devices), Web API2 (RESTful), and SQL Server as a back end involved in technologiesJhalak is an AWS Cloud Administrator and web developer with experience in MVC application development and Android app development. She is an AWS certified professional with 10 certifications in trending technologies.

Author: Rohin Tak

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