Million Dollar Metrics: Winning the SEO Game by outranking your competitors, and here’s how to do it; quickly

A metric is “a method of measuring something, or the results obtained from this.” In the web world however, a metric has a similar but slightly different meaning. Apart from the metric system, a metric is a form of measurement which you can make use of overtime to track the status of your progress and performance such as your marketing campaign, social media campaign, financial campaign, audience statistics and so on. Making use of a metric can help you when it comes to knowing the total landscape which your business has. However, if you truly want the total metric derived to have full effect, you need to compare it with other benchmarks too regardless of if it is yours or that of your competition. Doing this will help in getting the values of your present or future business values for your audience at large. Let’s take an example to help have a clearer understanding of this- the metrics used in the marketing and social media field along with their keywords are quantifiable platforms that are used in measuring the performance in your campaign. This deals with any performance that will bring more customers into your business and hopefully convert them from just leads into sales. As far as keywords go, signals such as “click through rate”, “traffic” and “impressions” can help in gaining strategic insights for potential leads. Making use of keywords pushes you further along the road to your primary goal which is to generate leads and then make sales. Still confused about the whole concept of keywords? This book will help you to have a clearer understanding about what they really are.

Author: R.L Pikunis

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