Microsoft Outlook 2013

Paradigm's new Microsoft(R) Outlook 2013 Text teaches students to master the Outlook application by using an interactive, read-and-do approach. Students:* Learn by reading straightforward introductions to tools, commands, and skills supported by clear button images and screen visuals.* Apply what they learn by completing hands-on, step-by-step exercises.* Reinforce new knowledge by reading Quick Steps summaries in the margins.* Extend learning with interesting and relevant information provided in tips in the margin and in the new features listed below.* Review at the end of every chapter with Chapter Summaries and Features Summary charts.* Assess mastery of chapter skills with hands-on Skills Check exercises and Skills Check activities.NEW textbook features include:* Exchange Server notes describing what students will see if their version of Outlook is connected to a server running Microsoft Exchange Server* Outlook Web App features showing how tasks are accomplished in the Web app* features illustrating differences between the desktop version of Outlook and the online version

Author: Denise Seguin

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