Microservices with Kubernetes: Build a continous delivery pipeline for microservices using Kubernetes

Build a continous delivery pipeline for microservices using KubernetesKey FeaturesLearn to build a continous delivery pipeline for MicroservicesLeverage the power of tools like Minikube and Istio for microservices management and orchestrationPractical approach towards managing microservices at scaleBook DescriptionKubernetes is an open source container management and orchestration platform. It has been giving a decent competition to spring cloud environment, claiming to be the best environment for developing and running Microservices. The release of Kubernetes 1.6 has extended support to deliver microservices based architectures.This book will initially cover some basic and important aspects of Kubernetes cluster management which will be used to work with Microservices. Then we will talk about how Microservice Architecture can be associated with Kubernetes. We will also configure Minikube and will practically develop a continuous delivery pipeline for building and managing microservices at scale. We will also introduce Istio, a Kubernetes tool used for managing and securing microservices in Kubernetes environmentBy the end of this book, you will gain hands on experience on working with microservices in the Kubernetes environment.What you will learnLearn different ways to containerize your applicationDeploy your sample store microservices application to kubernetes clusterSecure your applications using encrypted secretsUse Kubernetes config maps to apply complex property files to applicationsGet to grips with the best practices to make your microservices more resilient and ready for failuresLearn Istio to simplify most of the complex micro service management operationsExplore request routing in a service mesh using istioEnhance the security of microservices and their communication without requiring service code changesWho This Book Is ForThis book is targeted towards DevOps Engineers, Administrators or any stakeholder who wants to learn working with Microservices in the Kubernetes environment. Basic knowledge of Kubernetes will be an added advantageAbout the AuthorChakradhar Rao Jonagam is a Solutions Architect specialized in Containers and also a Cloud Native Compute Foundation Ambassador. He enables Customers with adoption of open source solutions in their journey towards containerization, cloud adoption, PaaS, DevOps, and microservices. As a Solution Architect Chakradhar has experience working with numerous fortune 500 customers in their journey towards modern technologies.He’s an active youtuber and speaker at meetups.

Author: Chakradhar Rao Jonagam

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