Metasploit: Penetration Testing for Novices

This book is a guide for you on how to use Metasploit. The first part of the book is a guide for you on how to get started with Metasploit. You are guided on how to install Metasploit on Windows and in Linux. You are also guided on how to start Metasploit, both the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the command line. The book also guides you on how to work with databases and workspaces in Metasploit. The process of backing up data in Metasploit is also discussed. The basic Metasploit commands are examined in detail. You will learn the options which each command takes. Enumeration is also explored in detail. You will learn how to enumerate your target hosts so as to get details about them. The book guides you on how to exploit web applications with Metasploit. Metapsloit can be used to sniff packets which are being sent via a particular interface on a computer. Such packets can then be analyzed with tools such as wireshark. This book guides you on how to sniff packets. You will also learn how to escalate the privileges when logged into a certain computer and be able to perform administrative tasks. Keylogging, which can help you capture keystrokes, is also explored. The following topics are discussed in this book: - Getting started with Metasploit - Basic Metasploit Commands - Enumeration - Exploiting Web Applications - Packet Sniffing - Privilege Escalation - Keylogging

Author: William Rowley

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