Mastering Zendesk

Key FeaturesDeep dive into the functionalities of Zendesk and improve the customer services for your organizationLearn how to expand the capabilities of Zendesk by integrating and extending it with third-party toolsA mastering level guide that manages tickets, channels, and workflows along with advanced security featuresBook DescriptionZendesk is a cloud-based customer service solution that is widely used because of its ease of use, efficiency, flexibility, and low cost of ownership. It is highly scalable and is agnostic of the size of the organization.If you're a Zendesk administrator and are eagerly waiting to explore the advanced-level concepts, then this book is for you. We deep dive into the core functionalities such as managing users, groups, and organization, and creating and adding custom fields. We will then show you how to add customized ticket channels to your account.Later on, we focus on customizing business rules and extending Zendesk with Jira and Salesforce. Towards the end, we not only emphasize on the security and troubleshooting aspects, but also provide tips and tricks to create a more efficient support environment.By the end of this book, you will be able to turn a basic Zendesk setup into a highly customized working environment.What you will learnCustomize ticket channels such as email, Twitter, Facebook, and ChatAdd business rules to create a more effective and automated Zendesk environmentUse Zendesk apps to add more functionality to the Zendesk setupExtend Zendesk with Jira and SalesforceCreate custom metrics within GoodData in order to set up customized and automated reportsSee how to secure and troubleshoot Zendesk.About the AuthorCedric F. Jacob is a Zendesk administrator at LOVOO GmbH. He has 6 years of experience with Zendesk.You can find him on LinkedIn at

Author: Cedric F. Jacob

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