Mastering Puppet

Pull the strings of Puppet to configure enterprise-grade environments for performance optimizationAbout This Book Implement puppet in a medium to large installation. Deal with issues found in larger deployments, such as scaling, and improving performance. Step by step tutorial to utilize Puppet efficiently to have a fully functioning Puppet infrastructure in an enterprise- level environment Who This Book Is ForIf you are a system administrator or developer who has used Puppet in production and are looking for ways to easily use Puppet in an enterprise environment, this book is for you. This book assumes an intermediate knowledge of Puppet and is intended for those writing modules or deploying Puppet in an enterprise environment.What You Will Learn Scale out your Puppet masters using proxy techniques Automate Puppet master deployment using Git Hooks, r10k, and librarian-puppet Access public modules from Git Forge and use them to solve real-world problems Use Hiera and ENC to automatically assign modules to nodes Create custom modules, facts, and types Use exported resources to orchestrate changes across the enterprise In DetailPuppet is a configuration management system written for system administrators to manage a large number of systems efficiently and help maintain order. Mastering Puppetdeals with the issues faced in larger deployments such as scaling and duplicate resource definitions. It will show you how to fit Puppet into your organization and keep everyone working. The concepts presented can be adapted to suit any size organization. This book starts with setting up and installing Puppet in your organization and then moves on to implementing version control in Puppet, creating custom modules, and extending your Puppet infrastructure. Finally, you will learn tips and tricks that are useful when troubleshooting Puppet and the best practices to make you a pro.

Author: Thomas Uphill

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