Mastering Cloud Development using Microsoft Azure

Key FeaturesBuild an effective development environment in Azure using the right set of technologies.Architect a full-stack solution in the cloud to choose the best service setA comprehensive guide full of real-life examples to help you take your developer skills up a notchBook DescriptionMicrosoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that supports many different programming languages, tools, and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.This book starts by helping you set up a professional development environments in the cloud and integrating them with your local environment to achieve improved efficiency. You will move on to create front-end and back-end services, and then build cross-platform applications using Azure. Next you'll get to grips with advanced techniques used to analyze usage data and automate billing operations. Following on from that, you will gain knowledge of how you can extend your on-premise solution to the cloud and move data in a pipeline.In a nutshell, this book will show you how to build high-quality, end-to-end services using Microsoft Azure. By the end of this book, you will have the skillset needed to successfully set up, develop, and manage a full-stack Azure infrastructure.What You Will LearnSet up a development environment with VMs, ARM, and RemoteAppConnect with VPNs to manage security and backupsEstablish a front-end architecture with AppService, storage, search, and cachingImplement identity solutions, integrate applications, and use dataIntegrate cross-platform mobile applications with the cloudConsistently build and manage an API layer for millions of usersWork with messages in the enterpriseDeploy your services as an IT expert with ARM templatesAbout the AuthorRoberto Freato has been an independent IT consultant since he started to work. Working for small software factories while he was studying, after his M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering with his thesis on Consumer Cloud Computing, he got specialization in Cloud and Azure. Today, he works as a freelance consultant for major companies in Italy, helping clients design and kick off their distributed software solutions. He trains the developer community in his free time, speaking at many conferences. He has been a Microsoft MVP since 2010.Marco Parenzan is an experienced .NET developer, now also a Cloud Computing and Azure trainer. A Microsoft MVP on Azure since 2014, he is curious about the IoT business and architectures. He loves retrogaming, and he tries programming little games in his spare time. He is a community lead for 1nn0va, a local Microsoft community in Pordenone, Italy, and he likes training developers in companies and university.Table of ContentsBuilding Basic ServicesEnhancing the Hybrid ProcessBuilding the FrontendBuilding the BackendBuilding the Mobile ExperienceBuilding the API LayerWorking with MessagesDeploying Solutions in Azure

Author: Roberto Freato

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