Mastering AWS security

Key FeaturesFocus on increasing your business rather than being diverged onto security risks and issues with AWS security.Delve deep into various aspects such as the security model, compliance, access management and much more to build and maintain a secure environment.Practical real world examples to empower you to be ready for any security breach or other situations pertaining to your cloud securityBook DescriptionSecurity is a key ingredient when it comes to the important information of your organisation stored in the cloud. It is a rapidly growing industry, and is one of the highest priority at AWS. Our book will dig deep into the fundamentals of the security responsibility model. Going ahead, we will be talking about ways you will learn to maintain a secure environment. It covers a series of practical real world examples that will guide you through numerous fundamentals you will be encountering on a daily basis. The book also talks about the risks and compliance that follow along with AWS security, how it could be minimised to reap more benefits out of your business. We will be also talking about security capabilities provided by AWS to increase privacy and controlling network accessibility. The book also covers penetration testing scenarios, how you can be authorised to check the vulnerability of your system to ensure its security.What you will learnLearn about the identity and access management (IAM)Implement AWS securityData and Network security in AWSBuild safe AWS solution with high security-sensitiveKey security loop holes and their solutionSecure AWS using VPC and NACLSEnsure AWS using security groupsAWS security best practices

Author: Prashant Rathi

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