Marketing Espionage: How to Spy on Yourself,  Your Prospects and Your Competitors to Dominate Online

Marketing Espionage is essential to understand why your competitors enjoy web success and your own online efforts don't deliver. Leverage the marketing budgets of your competitors and reverse engineer that data to grow your business FAST and EASY! SPY On Yourself to Manage Your Online Brand Reputation SPY On Your Prospects to Create Content that Sells & Converts SPY on your Competitors to Leverage Their Marketing Efforts to Your Advantage Does Your Online Presence Make these Massive Mistakes? Beautiful design without Internet marketing don't attract the right visitors or convert them Egocentric marketing makes the business owner happy, but doesn't serve or attract prospects Out-dated digital brochure site doesn't engage visitors or provide information they need to buy now Accept this Internet Marketing Mission and Learn How to: Leverage multi-million dollar online marketing campaigns to your advantage Learn the Competitive Intelligence Tools of the online professionals to reverse engineer a marketing plan that beats the competitors with much higher budgets. Apply Marketing Espionage, a holistic approach with SEO, blogging and social media to dominate page one of search results Find and use the right keywords for your ideal prospects and customers Integrate videos, images and social media to boost and your site's Findability Build a new website or fix your current site to get found online and dominate your market

Author: Heather F. Lutze CSP

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