Marketing Automation and Online Marketing: Automate Your Business through Marketing Best Practices such as Email Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Do you have a reasonably successful business? Or do you have a side business and looking to move up a gear? How do you automate your tasks to get to the next level?This book is your answer.Marketing automation has revolutionized the way business firms carry out their marketing efforts. This has resulted in lower marketing costs, lean and efficient marketing team, higher return-on-investment (ROI) on marketing effort and higher revenue streams. Yet, these and many other benefits seem to be a preserve of the few well-informed large enterprises. Many small and medium-sized enterprises shy away from marketing automation either due to lack of awareness or failure to understand how it can transform their marketing operations.This book specifically endeavors to demystify marketing automation, create awareness of what marketing automation is, and encourage small-scale and medium-sized enterprises to employ this great technology for their very own survival and competitive advantage. We have provided a host of free marketing automation tools so that there is no excuse whatsoever not to grow and earn more. You will not only get to know about the unique benefits of marketing automation that you have been missing, but also get to know which tools are best suited for your type of business, when and how to implement them.There is much more than you ought to know. Kindly download or request a print copy of this book to switch your business to a higher growth gear.Here's What's Included In This BookWhat is Marketing Automation?How Marketing Automation Benefits YouDifferent types of marketing automationHow much control should I have in the business after automationWhen is the right time to start automating?Case Studies: Implementing Business AutomationWhich Automation Tools are Best for YouScroll up and download now

Author: George Pain

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