Managing Infrastructure with Puppet

Get started with Puppet, and learn how this popular configuration management framework helps you automate your servers. This concise introduction shows you how to use Puppet’s tools and templates to organize and execute configuration plans on Linux, Unix, and Windows servers. Through code samples and real-world examples, you’ll learn how to manage pools of servers and virtual instances, and how to administer access control. If you’re new to Puppet, but familiar with systems administration and Ruby language basics, this book is the ideal way to start using this open source framework.Learn Puppet fundamentals, including its manifest syntax and built-in functionsStore configurations in a central location with PuppetMaster, and define which configurations apply to which nodesBuild a framework to create user accounts in place of LDAP or Kerberos KDCApply techniques to execute and manage server configurations with MCollectiveUse Puppet as an auditing tool to ensure that configurations are correctGather information on the nodes you manage with the Facter library

Author: James Loope

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