Load Balancing with HAProxy: Open-source technology for better scalability, redundancy and availability in your IT infrastructure

HAProxy is a free and open-source load balancer that enables IT professionals to distribute TCP-based traffic across many backend servers. In this book, the reader will learn how to configure and leverage HAProxy for tasks that include: • Setting up reverse proxies and load-balancing backend servers • Choosing the appropriate load-balancing algorithm • Matching requests against ACLs so that we can route them to the correct servers • Monitoring servers with health checks so that failure is detected early • Managing server persistence so that a client's can be directed to the server where their session data is stored • Configuring verbose logging for TCP and HTTP-based services • Enabling SSL encryption, gzip compression and geolocation • Modifying HTTP headers, rewriting URLs and setting up redirects • Defending against malicious Web activity • Controlling HAProxy from the command line • Adding a backup load balancer

Author: Nick Ramirez

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