Linux Mint System Administrator’s Beginners Guide

Probably the fastest route to becoming a Linux Mint system administrator, this book takes you from A–Z with clear step-by-step instructions, ranging from basic installation, to configuring networks, to troubleshooting. The perfect primer. Overview Discover Linux Mint and learn how to install it. Learn basic shell commands and how to deal with user accounts. Find out how to carry out system administrator tasks such as monitoring, backups, and network configuration. What you will learn from this book Install and configure Linux Mint Basic shell commands Install, remove, and configure software Provision user accounts Configure your hardware Connect to other servers using different protocols Configure wireless and wired networks Create and restore backups of important information and data Harden your system Monitor resources and devices Discover and solve common issues Approach A concise Packt Beginner's Guide to get you started with administering a Linux Mint system. Who this book is written for .This book is for those users who want to become Linux Mint system administrators and need to start learning quickly. It's assumed that you have a basic knowledge of GNU/Linux operating systems, as well as being familiar with concepts, such as kernel, filesystems, users, accounts, groups, and disk partitions. In Detail System administrators are responsible for keeping servers and workstations working properly. They perform actions to get a secure, stable, and robust operating system. In order to do that, system administrators perform actions such as monitoring, accounts maintenance, restoring backups, and software installation. All these actions and tasks are crucial to business success. "Linux Mint System Administrator's Beginner's Guide" is a practical and concise guide that offers you clear step-by-step exercises to learn good practices, commands, tools, and tips and tricks to convert users into system administrators in record time. You'll learn how to perform basic operations, such as create user accounts and install software. Moving forward, we'll find out more about important tasks executed daily by system administrators. Data and information are very important so you'll learn how to create and restore backups. You will also learn about one of the most important points of an operating system: security Thanks to "Linux Mint System Administrator's Beginner's Guide", you'll learn all the basics you need to install and keep a robust and reliable Linux Mint operating system up to date.

Author: Arturo Fernandez Montoro

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