Linux and Solaris Recipes for Oracle DBAs

Linux and Solaris Recipes for Oracle DBAs, 2nd Edition is an example–based book on managing Oracle Database under Linux and Solaris. The book is written for database administrators who need to get work done and lack the luxury of curling up fireside with a stack of operating-system documentation. What this book provides instead is task-oriented coverage designed around the needs of the Oracle Database Administrator. Find the right chapter. Look up the task to perform. See the solution. Implement the solution straight away in your own environment. Get the job done. New in this edition is coverage of Oracle's own Solaris operating system. Oracle Corporation has been working diligently to bring commonality between Solaris and and Linux, and this book takes advantage of those efforts to provide task-oriented solutions that work on common distributions of Linux such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Enterprise Linux while also accommodating the growing number of Oracle Solaris customers. Examples in the book match the tasks DBAs perform daily, even hourly. Solutions come first in the book, but alway are followed by close explanations of the details.Database administrators won't go wrong with Linux and Solaris Recipes for Oracle DBAs. It's the book to buy if you're after clear and reliable examples to help in getting the job done, and getting home to your family.Takes you directly from problem to solutionCovers the "right" mix of operating-system tasks for database administratorsRespects your time by being succinct and to–the–pointIncludes coverage of Solaris in addition to common Linux distributionsWhat You Will LearnExecute Linux and Solaris commands applicable to Oracle Database.Automate critical DBA tasks via operating-system shell scripts.Monitor, tune, and optimize Linux and Solaris servers for Oracle.Setup a VirtualBox environment for the Oracle database.Perform system administration tasks relevant to Oracle Database.Remotely (and securely!) manage Oracle on Linux and Solaris.Who This Book Is ForLinux and Solaris Recipes for Oracle DBAs is a book for Oracle database administrators who want to expertly operate Oracle databases on the Linux and Solaris operating systems. If you’re new to Linux and Solaris and can benefit from detailed examples showing how to perform tasks that Oracle DBAs perform on Linux and Solaris servers, then this book is what you need to help you get the job done, and get home on time. 

Author: Darl Kuhn

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