Learning Windows Server Containers

Key FeaturesDiscover the secret to building highly portable apps that run on any machine with Windows Server 2016 anywhere, from laptops, desktop servers, and public or private clouds, without any changes to the codeBuild your company cost-effective, container-based apps that support large-scale, virtual cloud environmentsThe most up-to-date help on the market, offering developers expert guidance in building and shipping high-quality apps, and also helping admins create infrastructure that's simple to maintainBook DescriptionWindows Containers have a great impact on developers and administrators alike: they help them build and ship higher-quality applications in a fast-paced manner and create an infrastructure that is simpler to update and maintain.Windows Server containers help you run more applications with less infrastructure but providing the same isolation, security, networking, resiliency, and scalability benefits.Starting with the core fundamentals of Windows Server Containers, this book will help you build and configure the Windows Server 2016 Containers Infrastructure and also show you how to package and deploy ASP.NET Core applications as Microservices in production environments. You will then learn how to optimize resource utilization and enable Continuous Integration and Deployment practices using containerized applications. The book will then teach you to build and deploy container clusters, configuration-driven deployment, container cluster orchestration, scheduling, and management capabilities. This book concludes by showing you how to build modern applications for Microsoft’s new, thinnest server operating system called Nano Server.What you will learnUnderstand the concept of building and deploying an ASP .NET Core application as a containerWork with Docker in Windows using Docker CLI and PowerShellWork with pre-built and custom container ImagesLearn how to run production-like environments with instant scalability and isolationUnderstand resource allocation for each container and shared containersWork with container clusters in AzureBuild modern applications with Nano ServerAbout the AuthorSrikanth Machiraju is a Software Engineer at Microsoft Hyderabad (India). He is a Technical Evangelist with the ability to solve intriguing problems in a better and smarter way, and a passionate learner who loves to explore new technologies, then tries to utilize them to address customer problems.He has a varied experience in building smart apps, cloud migrations, automation, and designing and developing cloud-compatible applications and products (HanuInsight) for world-class enterprises and start-ups. He has also conducted 30+ Enterprise grade training sessions on Azure for leading corporations.He is currently fanatical about:The role of machine learning and data science in building a powerful feedback loop in LOB applications, for example, Azure ML, Data Lake, Analytics, Power BI, and more.Gathering best practices and patterns to build a DevOps culture and automation, for example, containers, Nano servers, configuration management (Chef, DSC, and so on.), Live Site Review, application performance and monitoring (Application Insights), automation using Release Management Studio, and VS.Embracing changes in cloud computing, re-thinking living with smart devices (IoT), and conversation BOTs

Author: Srikanth Machiraju

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