Learning CentOS: A Beginners Guide to Learning Linux

Most websites on the internet are powered by a CentOS server. CentOS is a very popular and lightweight version of Linux with a ten year support cycle. Due to the strong response from my first book on the topic, Learning Ubuntu, I decided to release another title. Learning CentOS, starts at the basics and provides three options to get started with the operating system. The reader will learn how to use SSH, setup a server on a VPS or Virtual Machine, install the popular LAMP stack for web servers, and will also learn how to install the most popular content management platform, WordPress, towards the end of the book. We start by learning how to install packages, manage users, and navigating our CentOS server by the CLI or Command Line Interface. If you are looking for a new skill or want to expand upon your current knowledge, this book serves as a great tool to get started and reference down the road. Topics Include: What is Linux and CentOS 7? Methods to Install CentOS 7 and Get Started. Setting Up CentOS on a Virtual Private Server (DigitalOcean or Linode) Setting Up CentOS on a Virtual Machine Using (Oracle VirtualBox) Installing CentOS on a Virtual Machine Getting Familiar with the Command Line Interface or CLI Logging into CentOS and Learning General System Navigation Creating New Users Checking System Resource Status Making Directories and Files Editing, Moving, Copying, and Deleting Files Installing LAMP (Apache, MySQL/MariaSQL, PHP) Installing Sendmail Managing the Server from the Browser Permission Settings, Groups, and Types Adding a Database Installing Packages Setting Up and Configuring WordPress Understanding wget and rsync Changing File and Directory Ownership and Permission Settings

Author: Mr Nathan James Neil

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