Learning AWS – Second Edition

Key FeaturesGet well-versed with building and deploying serverless APIs with microservices.Learn to build distributed applications and microservices with AWS Step Functions.A step-by-step guide that will get you up and running with building and managing applications on AWS platform.Book DescriptionAWS is one of the most popular and efficient Cloud platform. Administering and deploying application on AWS makes the applications resilient and robust.The main focus of the book is to cover some of the basic cloud administration concepts followed by running solutions in the AWS cloud which will help the applications up and running faster.This handbook does not only guide you through the trade offs and ideas behind efficient cloud applications, but also a comprehensive toolbox to get the most out of AWS. In the first section, you will begin with understanding the AWS key concepts and setting up your AWS account and operating it. It will also cover cloud service models which will help you build highly scalable and secure applications on the AWS platform. We will then dive deep into concepts of Cloud computing with S3 storage, securities followed by EC2. Next, this book will walk you through VPC , building real time serverless environments and deploying serverless APIs with microservices. Finally this book will teach you to monitor your applications , automate your infrastructure with Cloud Formation and deploy servicesBy the end of this book you will be well-versed with various services that AWS provides and will be able to improve your infrastructure and accelerate the development process.What you will learnSet Up your AWS account and get started with basic concepts of AWS.Learn about AWS Terminology and Identity Access ManagementAcquaint yourself with important elements of cloud with features such as Computing , ELB and VPC.Backup your database and ensure high availability by understanding all database related services in the AWS cloud.Integrate AWS services with your application to meet and exceed non-functional requirements.Create and Automate Infrastructure and also design cost effective, highly available applications.About the AuthorAurobindo Sarkar is currently the Country Head (India Engineering Center) for ZineOne Inc. With a career spanning 24+ years, he has consulted at some of the leading organizations in India, US, UK, and Canada. He specializes in real-time web-scale architectures, machine learning, deep learning, Cloud Engineering, and Big Data Analytics. Aurobindo has been actively working as a CTO in technology startups for over eight years now. As a member of the top leadership team at various startups, he has mentored founders and CxOs, provided technology advisory services, and led product architecture and engineering teams.Amit Shah has a bachelor's degree in electronics. He is a senior manager at Western Outdoor Interactive. He has been programming since the early '80s with the first wave of personal computing―initially as a hobbyist and then as a professional. His areas of interest include embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT), analog and digital hardware design, systems programming, cloud computing, and enterprise architecture. He has been working extensively in the field of cloud computing and enterprise architecture for the past 4 years.

Author: Aurobindo Sarkar

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