Learn WordPress In Just 30 Minutes! The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Installing WordPress On Your Own Domain

Learn WordPress In Just 30 Minutes! holds your hand throughout the entire WordPress setup process. Starting with showing you how to register a new domain and purchase web hosting, the detailed screenshots show you exactly what you have to do for each and every step of the way. Don't know anything about WordPress, web servers, domains or even about computers? Great! This book is written specifically for you! With plain English instructions and detailed instructions for all of the WordPress setup steps, you don't need to know anything beyond how to work your keyboard and mouse. Learn WordPress In Just 30 Minutes! will show you the rest!Just a few of the things you'll learn will include:How to search for a buy a domain name of your very ownHow to set up web hosting for your new domain name (required to run WordPress!)How to install WordPress, configure WordPress, customize WordPress...the list goes on!How to install and use custom Themes in WordPress so that your website looks exactly like YOU want it to lookIf you're new to websites, web hosting or WordPress, you owe it to yourself to check out Learn WordPress In Just 30 Minutes!. It really is the complete beginner's guide to installing WordPress on your own domain.

Author: Suzanne Smith

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