Learn How To MAKE & USE WordPress Blogs for Beginners: A WordPress Guide/Tutorial/Training & Development Book to Help You Create & Design Your Blogging/Websites for Free (For Business or Hobby)

"PROFITS THAT LIE HIDDEN IN WORDPRESS"Hello. As you're probably aware by now, you really can't succeed online, unless you have good web presence for your products and/or services. But, it can be time consuming, overwhelming and even expensive to learn HTML, coding etc or pay people to put up websites for you! Thankfully there is Wordpress.It's the standard blogging and website creation platform for even top brands and succesful online entrepreneurs. Anybody (who knows what they're doing) can put up the most high-tech, smartest websites, with all the automated bells and whistles made in one sitting! Yes, that's now possible. Even complete beginners can simply mix and match themes and plugins to come up with professional looking and functional websites. The site visitors wouldn't even know you're a complete beginner if you do it correctly.Wordpress can be as simple and uncomplicated as you want it to be. All you need to know are the basics. And that's what this book/course is about. This book is entirely written for the absolute beginner! Nothing on this book will overwhelm and scare you away. You can even use this book as guide for your newbie assistants. Just follow along the step-by-step process, and within an hour or two, you can have your very own website up and running!As your needs become more sophisticated? You can then learn HTML and CSS coding, install premium themes and plugins, capture emails, get likes, autopost content etc., to suit your needs. The learnings and experience you get from this book, will also help you in the future as your needs become more complex.Specifically, the book will cover the following:IntroductionII. Creating a New AccountIII. Applying Themes, Plugins, and WidgetsThemesPluginsWidgetsIV. Exploring your Work StationHow to LoginThe DashboardScreen Options TabDashboard Home ScreenThe Admin BarTurning off the Admin BarThe SettingsGeneral SettingsWriting SettingsReading SettingsDiscussion SettingsMedia SettingsPermalink SettingsKeeping your Work Station EfficientMaximize your WordPress SiteV. Creating ContentWordPress Posts vs PagesHow to Create a New PostHow to Create a New PageSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Set your Website’s VisibilityMake your Links SEO-readyDecide Whether to Use www or notChoose an SEO PluginAdd XML SitemapsInclude your site to Google Search ConsoleOptimize all of Your PostsVI. Using WordPress with your Own Domain (ideal for businesses)Where to BeginA third-party hosting service providerFTP KnowledgeEnable Backup CapabilityDomain NameInstallation Process for Hosting Providers Without one-click Function for WordPressVII. Keeping your WordPress Site SecureBackup your Website RegularlyAvoid using “Admin” as your UsernameLimit your Login AttemptsChange your Username using PHPMyAdminCreate Another UserCome up with a Challenging PasswordVIII. ConclusionHighly CustomizableRoom for ExpansionLower Maintenance CostPerfect for EveryoneLEARN WORDPRESS NOW BY DOWNLOADING THIS BOOK!RELATED TERMS: wordpress websites,wordpress blog,wordpress,wordpress for beginners 2017,wordpress book,wordpress web design,wordpress the missing manual,wordpress for beginners,wordpress kindle,wordpress security for webmasters 2017,wordpress security andy williams,wordpress tutorial,wordpress web design for dummies,wordpress design,wordpress development,wordpress.org,learn wordpress,wordpress for dummies 2017

Author: Nadine Summers

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