Kubernetes Cookbook

Learn how to automate and manage your Linux containers and improve the overall performance of your systemAbout This BookAre you using containers in your organization and want to better manage, scale, and orchestrate apps on the container? Use the recipes in the book to find a reliable solution from expertsThis is the first and only book on the market on Kubernetes, and it will show how to manage your containers in production using KubernetesBuy this book, simply follow the recipes, and you will be the master of your Linux containersWho This Book Is ForThe book is aimed at system administrators who have intermediate level of knowledge with Kubernetes and want to better manage their applications deployed over containers. Also, it will help those administrators who want to maintain and scale applications on these containers.What You Will LearnGet to know how to build your own container clusterDeploy and manage highly scalable applications using KubernetesDiscover how to build high availability Kubernetes clustersFind out how to build a continuous delivery pipeline for your applicationTrack metrics and logs for every container running in your clusterStreamline the way you deploy and manage your applications with large-scale container orchestrationIn DetailKubernetes is Google's solution to managing a cluster of containers. Kubernetes provides a declarative API to manage clusters while giving us a lot of flexibility. This book will provide you with recipes to better manage containers in different scenarios in production using Kubernetes.We will start by giving you a quick brush up on how Kubernetes works with containers along with an overview of the main Kubernetes features such as Pods, Replication Controllers, and more. Next, we will teach you how to create Kubernetes cluster and how to run programs on Kubernetes. We'll explain features such as High Availability Kubernetes master setup, using Kubernetes with Docker, and orchestration with Kubernetes using AWS. Later, will show you how to use Kubernetes-UI, and how to set up and manage Kubernetes clusters on the cloud and bare metal.Upon completion of this book, you will be able use Kubernetes in production and will have a better understanding of how to manage your containers using Kubernetes.Style and approachThis recipe-based book precisely teaches you how to use Kubernetes in production and how to better manage your containers using Kubernetes.

Author: Hideto Saito

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