Java EE 8 Microservices

Key FeaturesLearn how to efficiently build and implement microservices in Spring, and how to use Docker and Mesos to push the boundaries of what you thought possibleExamine a number of real-world use cases and hands-on code examplesDistribute your microservices in a completely new way.Book DescriptionThere is a shift from monolithic applications to MicroServices based ones as cloud based application are increasingly in demand. With this book you will get to know the components of Java EE 8 and how they are going to be used for implementing MicroServices.The book will take you on a journey where a monolithic application will be transformed into a MicroServices based one. Once we learn how to create a MicroService, we move on to connecting them in traditional way and then use advanced approaches for asynchronous communication. You will also learn about advanced topics to make the Microservices robust, scalable and secure.MicroServices form distributed application, and needs to be developed, packed, shipped and supported Java EE excels in all of these, proper ways of which are described in this book.What you will learnBuild MicroServices from ground up with Java EE 8.Implement and deploy MicroServices with Spring Boot.Build Reactive pipelines for asynchronous Communication.Use caching mechanisms, JWT to create scalable and secure MicroServices.Empower MicroServices with the MicroProfile effort to aid in Health Check, Fault Tolerance and monitoring mechanismsUse containers to build and deploy MicroServices.Create contract-first documentation with Swagger and API Blueprint.

Author: Mert Çaliskan

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