Istio: Up and Running: Using a Service Mesh to Connect, Secure, Control, and Observe

You did it. You successfully transformed your application into a microservices architecture. But now that you’re running services across different environments—public to public, private to public, virtual machine to container—your cloud native software is beginning to encounter reliability issues.How do you stay on top of this ever-increasing complexity? With the Istio service mesh, you’ll be able to manage traffic, control access, monitor, report, get telemetry data, manage quota, trace, and more with resilience across your microservice.In this book, Lee Calcote and Zack Butcher explain why your services need a service mesh and demonstrate step-by-step how Istio fits into the life cycle of a distributed application. You’ll learn about the tools and APIs for enabling and managing many of the features found in Istio.Explore the observability challenges Istio addressesUse request routing, traffic shifting, fault injection, and other features essential to running a solid service meshGenerate and collect telemetry informationTry different deployment patterns, including A/B, blue/green, and canaryGet examples of how to develop and deploy real-world applications with Istio support

Author: Lee Calcote

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