Internet Password Logbook: A Beautifully Designed Floral Password Book (5 x 8 inch, 100+ Pages)

If you're TIRED of hitting "forgot password" and having to change your login information, this one is for you... This beautifully designed floral online password organizer is exactly what you need to store all your usernames, logins AND even your pesky security questions. Check out what's inside: Plenty of space (over 100+ pages to fit more than 400 entries) Space for website addresses, usernames, passwords, security questions and additional notes Sized at 5 x 8 inches to carry in your purse, hide in your underwear drawer, or keep in your desk drawer Great gift for forgetful password forgetters Beautifully designed inside and out A must-have for anyone using the internet. This means you. Scroll up, order now and never forget another password again!

Author: Floral Password Keepers

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