Internet of Things for Architects

Key FeaturesBuild IoT infrastructure best-fit for your organizationLearn about different concepts in the IoT architectural stackImplement best practices for maintaining secuirty and managing data in your IoT infrastuctureBook DescriptionInternet of things is an increasingly hot topic in the tech world currently. Industry giants are in a process of adopting IoT solutions to manage their infrastructure. Hence architectural side of IoT becomes really important, which would help the organization build IoT framework, best-fit for their requirements.This book will start by giving an introduction to internet of things and how can an organization benefit by having an IoT infrastructure. Then it will move on towards the various architectural parameters which needs to be considered while building an IoT framework for your organization. Then it will guide you towards applying those concepts of the architectural stack and help you build a secure IoT framework. We will cover best practices to manage data and secuirty in your IoT infrastructure.By the end of this book, you will be in a position to build an infrastructure to support the IoT needs of an organizationWhat you will learnUnderstand the role and scope of architecting a successful IoT deployment from sensor to cloudUnderstand the landscape of IoT technologies that span everything from sensors to cloud and what lies between.Understand the trade-offs of certain choice and combinations of choices in IoT deployments.Build a repertoire of skills and vernacular necessary to work in the IoT space.Broaden the reader's skills with cutting edge technologies and research.

Author: Perry Lea

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