Internet Marketing: 3 Manuscripts: WordPress, Blogging, SEO Marketing (Internet Business)

This book is TRIPLE the value, containing THREE Manuscripts inside ONE book!Included in the “Internet Marketing” 3-in-1 “Superbook” Are The Following Three Best Sellers:WordPressLearn how to build a digital presence for your business! Don't think you can have a presence in today's digital age? Don’t know where to start? You can begin building your website and blog today with an easy-to-follow step by step process!The importance and ins-and-outs of WordPress and how to use itHow to define and achieve your website’s goalsHow to boost your brand by using your websiteWhat elements are essential to creating a website that represents your brandThe importance of a website theme and designHow to build awareness for your websiteHow to improve your audience engagement through designThe essential steps in creating a website and how to implement themWhat will separate you from the competitionHow to set up your website and create essential pagesHow to measure your successThe benefits of having a website or blogHow to learn more about your customers and connect better with themBloggingWant to make money on the Internet? Tired of slaving over a 9-5 job? Want to learn the secret to creating a successful blog that can build your wealth? You can begin building your passive income with an online blog today by following a concise and simple step by step process. The importance of preparation and what you’ll need to startHow to create content that will grab an audience and create buzzThe elements needed to build and establish a nicheHow to leverage advertisements on your blog to create profitsThe importance of marketing and how to turn it into profitsHow to transform your blog into an online storeThe different methods you can use to make money off your blog and how to apply themThe ins-and-outs of online advertisements and how it can benefit youHow to convert visitors into email subscribersHow to drive traffic and build subscriptionsThe benefits of having a passive incomeHow to build a successful blog and continue to drive that successSEO MarketingWith SEO Marketing: 10 Proven Steps to Search Engine Optimization Traffic From Google, you will learn the secret of improving your online presence and build traffic.Today, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for driving online traffic. Without it, it is incredibly difficult for you to create an online presence. By leveraging SEO tactics, you can increase your website traffic, obtain a higher return on investment (ROI), and create a better user experience on your website. With the proper guidance, you can easily implement an SEO strategy to your business and quickly harvest the benefits!The essence and importance of Search Engine OptimizationThe relationship between SEO and digital presenceHow you can leverage keywords to garner trafficHow to make your website user friendlyWhat title tags and meta tags are and how to use themThe importance of online user experienceHow to keep your audience from leaving your websiteHow to use SEO to market your businessHow to acquire quality linksHow to bring an audience to your website with SEOHow to improve your online presence using keywords and your domain nameThe importance of content buildingHow to integrate SEO to your blog and contentHow to add a blog to your websiteHow to build a relationship with your audienceTake advantage and get more VALUE for your money’s worth.Scroll to the top and get your copy now

Author: Jerry Kershen

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