Intelligent Quote-to-Cash

Intelligent Quote-to-Cash identifies the most common sales and revenue process challenges companies face and how they can achieve improved deal accuracy, faster time-to-market, simplified processes, higher sales effectiveness, bigger deal size, more opportunities discovered, higher win rates, and greater understanding how businesses can improve their margins. These insights are validated through the success story of Kirk Krappe’s revolutionary software company, Apttus. Under Krappe’s leadership, Apttus has become the defining Intelligent Quote-to-Cash solution provider, enabling companies of all sizes to create a new front office in the cloud. On average, companies that have followed the principles outlined in Intelligent Quote-to-Cash have realized 105 percent larger deal sizes and 28 percent shorter sales cycles. Intelligent Quote-to-Cash is ideal for any reader involved in driving significant business outcomes within sales, marketing, legal, finance, IT, or management operations to drive revenue for their company and maximize customer experiences.

Author: Kirk Krappe

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