Innovative LibGuides Applications: Real World Examples (LITA Guides)

Innovative LibGuides Applications: Real World Examples shows both new and experienced users methods to utilize the platform in ways that they may not have previously considered. This includes topics such as website and learning management system integration, digital collections, data-drive decision-making, information literacy instruction, library administration, and a system-wide case study. Each chapter features ideas that you can implement immediately, or over time, as is appropriate to your own needs. Further, they are adaptable—tweak as you see fit! Divided into sections, this book examines different uses and approaches to LibGuides:· Website and learning management system (LMS) integration: examine how LibGuides can be used as, or closely integrated with, the library website and/or your institutions’ LMS. Various examples are provided that you may be able to adapt at your own organization. Not every solution worked as anticipated—our authors address this, as well.· Digital collections: Two alternate approaches are presented. One looks at exhibitions and their application as outreach tools. The other looks at creating a digital museum within LibGuides. These are “can’t miss” chapters for those that wish to more deeply explore digital collections and LibGuides viability.· Data-drive decision-making: Learn how some institutions are mining and utilizing data collected within LibApps/LibGuides. In both cases, the data examined helped institutions to improve library services while articulating a clear purpose (and use) for each data point. · Information literacy: Explore two different methods for revamping your instruction program through utilization of the platform. · Library administration: Discover how internal and external processes may be augmented through the use of LibApps/LibGuides.· System-wide case study: See how a community college system in North Carolina has each implemented (or not) LibApps/LibGuides on their respective campuses. This section shows how different institutions may decide to use the platform in different ways—all while attempting to improve their own services.Upon completion of this authoritative LITA Guide, readers will come away with the knowledge and tools to maximize their LibGuides experience


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