Information Security Handbook

Key FeaturesLearn to build your own information security framework, best-fit for your organizationBuild on the concepts of threat modeling, incidence response and security analysisPractical approach towards strengthening your security frameworkBook DescriptionHaving an information security mechanism is one of the most crucial factors for any organization. Important assets of organization demand a proper risk management and threat model for security and hence, information security concepts are gaining a lot of traction. This book will initially cover the concept of information security and why it is important. It will then move on to modules like threat modeling, risk management and mitigation. It will also cover concepts of incident response systems, information rights management and so on. It will then guide you towards building your own information security framework best fit for your organization. Towards the end, we will also share some best practices which can be implemented to make your security framework strong.By the end of this book, you will be well versed with all the factors involved with information security which would help you build a security framework which will be perfectly fit your organization requirement.What you will learnDevelop your own information security frameworkBuild your incident response mechanismDiscover cloud security considerationsLearn system development life cycleGet your security operation center up and runningLearn various security testing typesBalance security as per the business needImplement information security best practices

Author: Darren Death

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