Implementing Cloud Design Patterns for AWS

Create highly efficient design patterns for scalability, redundancy, and high availability in the AWS Cloud About This BookCreate highly robust systems using cloud infrastructureMake web applications resilient against scheduled and accidental down-timeExplore and apply Amazon-provided services in unique ways to solve common problemsWho This Book Is ForThis book is aimed at architects, solution providers, and those of the DevOps community who are looking to implement repeatable patterns for deploying and maintaining services in the Amazon cloud infrastructure. Prior experience using AWS is required as the book focuses more on the patterns and not on the basics of using AWS.What You Will Learn Create and maintain server backups Implement scaling policies on schedules, influxes in traffic, and deep health checks Provision servers and data that persist through termination Make complete use of high availability storage and redundancy storage Design content delivery networks to improve user experience Optimize databases through caching and sharding Monitor and queue data for processing In DetailWhether you are just getting your feet wet in cloud infrastructure or already creating complex systems, this book aims at describing patterns that can be used to fit your system needs.The initial patterns will cover some basic processes such as maintaining and storing backups as well as handling redundancy. The book will then take you through patterns of high availability. Following this, the book will discuss patterns for processing static and dynamic data and patterns for uploading data. The book will then dive into patterns for databases and data processing. In the final leg of your journey, you will get to grips with advanced patterns on Operations and Networking and also get acquainted with Throw-away Environments.

Author: Marcus Young

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