Implementation of SEO Techniques for Dynamic Websites

Because of the exponential improvement of the Internet recently, search engines have the compound mission of ranking through so many websites and showing only the most appropriate pages for the presented search query or keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is optimizing process of a website. This optimization affect ranking the website properly on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Dynamic websites or Database driven websites recently are used for universities because the content of website is easily can be modified. Nevertheless this type of websites exposed to indexing related difficulties. This book intends to analyze and overcome dynamic websites SEO related troubles. I aim to detect dynamic websites SEO factors, research and experiment SEO tools and techniques, and detect to what size dynamic websites can be made proper for search engine ranking for reaching goals and destinations of this research. In this book I implement some techniques and use method that helps to increase the ranking of Khazar University website ( This study gives broad theoretical elucidation about how to implement SEO methods for dynamic websites.

Author: Sattar Amrahov

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Categories: SEO