Ignite Your LinkedIn Profile: Learn the Secrets to How LinkedIn Ranking Really Works (Job Seeker’s Insider Series)

STOP Chasing Employers, Recruiters, and Clients and START Having Them Chase You!Are you ready to finally get real results with LinkedIn? If you want to connect with recruiters, and employers, find “hidden jobs”; and build a volume of quality referrals in as little time as possible then this book has the answers you need and the step-by-step techniques to implement them.Who should read this book:ExecutivesIndependent ProfessionalsStudents getting ready to enter the job marketWorking professionals getting ready for their next career moveThose looking to be prepared for an unexpected transitionThis stuff works!Professionals and executives from various industries have reported more interviews, better quality referrals, and increased contacts from recruiters after using Don’s strategies. They’ve also built hundreds of new connections that improved the value of their LinkedIn Profiles.Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile starting today. Scroll up and order LinkedIn Book Title (available in Kindle, paperback and audiobook). Finding your dream job might only be a few clicks away.In Ignite Your LinkedIn Profile, you’ll learn how to:Generate 1-2 new contacts a week by using Don’s Inbound Marketing Strategy.Leverage the power of job descriptions in your profile so employers can easily find you.Get more interviews, in-person meetings, and referrals to help you land faster.Discover jobs in the hidden job market and create more opportunities.And much more…LinkedIn expert, Don Wittman shares result-generating techniques that are not currently being taught by anyone else. Using his uniquely structured “Pull Marketing Strategy,” you’ll learn how to optimize your profile so that people will find you instead you having to find them.The information in Ignite Your LinkedIn Profile was developed over several years after the author found himself in the job market after his employer went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Since then, Don has researched, and shared breakthrough LinkedIn strategies in his Advanced LinkedIn Workshops that have changed the way job seekers are using LinkedIn. Thousands of professional job seekers and executives have learned how to use his Inbound Marketing Strategy to land great jobs smarter and faster to get ahead in a competitive marketplace.His communities now dub Don’s “Pull Marketing Strategy” (Inbound Marketing) approach to LinkedIn search as one of the leading ways to stand out and get found by employers, clients, and recruiters in a sea of 500 million LinkedIn members.

Author: Donald J Wittman

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