Hybrid Cloud for Developers: Develop and deploy cost-effective applications on AWS and OpenStack platform with ease

Develop and manage applications on the AWS and OpenStack platform with this comprehensive learning guideKey FeaturesA step-by-step guide that will help you adapt to a flexible yet stable software development system.Store sensitive data on private Cloud and still leverage resources of the public cloud to develop, test, and run apps that rely on that data.Learn to design, develop, and deploy hybrid cloud-based solutionsBook DescriptionThis book will begin with teaching you to take advantage of PaaS and and get hold of faster software development life-cycle along with helping you code and build across multiple platforms and devices. You will learn to leverage the flexibility of choosing your platform to build and test applications without worrying about the system that your development supports. Making most of hybrid cloud, you will be able to secure confidential and sensitive information stored on a private cloud while you still leverage resources of the public cloud to run apps that rely on that data. Lastly, you will also learn to run high-speed functions reducing latency and increasing application stability providing zero network downtime.By the end of this book, you will effectively develop and test your application in an efficient, modular, and flexible IT system.What you will learnUnderstanding of AWS and OpenStack Cloud platforms.Introduction of Hybrid CloudsApplication Development on AWSApplication Development on OpenStackTroubleshooting AWS and OpenStack issues.Familiarity with security measures for Hybrid Cloud.Who This Book Is ForIf you are an IT professional, developer, or a DevOps engineer looking to develop and manage their applications on the hybrid cloud platform then, this book is for you. Some prior knowledge to public and private Cloud can quickly help enhance your skills.

Author: Mr. Manoj N. Hirway

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