How To Write Great Website Copy That Sells (Short Attention Span eBooks for Small Business Owners Book 1)

Proven tips, and best practices for writing website copy that increases leads and boosts sales "How To Write Good Website Copy That Works" guides you through the fundamentals of creating the kind of web copy that targets your market, cultivates leads, and promotes your company, on your website and across the world wide web. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. How to create an awesome elevator speech:: 2. Planning and writing your pages:: 3. Search Engine Optimization:: 4. Writing for people/Get to the point:: 5. Common mistakes to avoid:: Filled with supporting documentation, and links to a ton of free images and copy writing resources that will help you write and create marketing materials well into the future Updates 4/7/2016 - Added additional tips and best practices for structuring your website's navigation menu.


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