How to Start an SEO Agency: How You Can Build a Local, Online Business

Want to start a business online but have no idea what to do? E-commerce is difficult and every one is starting a Facebook Ad agency. Do what most others won't and start an SEO agency for your city. Competition tends to be low but you can make a really good living off of it. I did it in my city and want to show you how to do it in yours. Give me 5 hours of your time and this book might be the final answer to your search.Google is the new TV and Yellowbook and News and Billboard. If people are looking for something, our language uses Google as a verb! Being on top of Google for "Huntsville Marketing" in Alabama has paid for itself multiple times over. I'm not a data scientist and they didn't teach it to me in school. I learned by myself, often making mistakes. You can skip all my wasted time and build your own local agency now.This is not a get-rich quick book. This is not a get rich over time book. This is how I got a great living wage in just a few years (you will do it in less). This is a side-hustle while you transition out of your job book. This is a build skills for future employment book. This is a down-to-earth, honest book. I hope you learn a lot!

Author: Carl Holden

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