How to Order a Domain Name and Hosting Plan: Step-by-Step

This easy book is for people who need a step-by-step explanation. You can find all of this information online, but I have streamlined the information so that you don't waste any time getting your domain up and running. You do not need any prior knowledge to walk through this process with me. This book is not for people knowledgeable about web domains and hosting.What the Book CoversAbsolutely no prior knowledge of web or hosting required. This book covers domain purchase and hosting only. It does not cover WordPress or Design. That information in other books so you can take small chunks of knowledge bit-by-bit.This book is an introductory guide to taking an image and preparing it for a t-shirt on Mercy by Amazon. The book covers:1. The pitfalls of ordering a domain from some places2. The cost of domain and web hosting3. How to ID your target market4. Should you get .com, .org, .biz, .net, .shop? What extensions are best.5. How to choose the right name for your domain6. I take you step-by-step through your domain search7. We walk through the purchase process together - I actually buy a domain and show you the process in pictures.8. Selecting a Flexible Hosting Plan9. How to point your domain at your hosting server

Author: Donna Betancourt

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