How to Hack Like a LEGEND: A hacker’s tale breaking into a secretive offshore company (Hacking the Planet)

This is the story of one hacker who met his match in the form of machine learning, behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence, and a dedicated SOC team while breaking into an offshore service provider. Most hacking tools simply crash and burn in such a hostile environment. What is a hacker to do when facing such a fully equipped opponent? In this new edition, we cover step-by-step tricks and techniques to circumvent next-generation security vendors that gracefully sponsor the many big shot hacking conferences, including Unmanaged PowerShell, C# Reflection, DKIM signatures, Kerberoasting, terminating protected processes and many more essential tips for hackers and red-teamers alike. Better buckle up, this is going to be one hell of a ride! This book’s edition assumes prior knowledge of basic Windows principles such as NTLM, pass-the-hash, Windows Active Directory, group policy objects and so forth. If you are scantly comfortable with these concepts, I strongly encourage you to first read How to Hack Like a Pornstar ( or How to Hack Like a God ( before taking on this book.

Author: Sparc FLOW

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