How To Get Ranked: The Art of Search Engine Optimization and Getting Indexed Fast (The Website Success Accelerator Teaches .) (Volume 1)

This guide has been written to aid small businesses and solopreneurs in understanding Search Engine Optimisation, how it can benefit your business and how you can achieve Search Engine Optimisation results by using simple, easy to follow steps. If you’ve done any research into getting your site indexed and onto Page 1 of Google, you’ll know that the “Guru’s” will have us believe that SEO is hard and that it takes forever to see your site indexed in the search engines, let alone on Page 1. If you don’t follow a certain formula, getting indexed, let alone on Page 1 of Google can be an incredibly difficult task. However, from the author's experience, it is clear that, if you follow the techniques that laid out in this book, you will be indexed found on Page 1. The techniques discussed in this book can be applied to any website however, many of the practical steps provided here are for use with a Wordpress website. Many now prefer to use Wordpress as a website platform, as it is easy to setup, configure and maintain. Additionally, there are a number of free plug-ins that you can use to aid in the optimization of your website for search engines. This book also provides a number of free bonuses in the form of access to training videos and instructions online, which will step you through the processes described in the book.

Author: Charly Leetham

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Categories: SEO