How to Design a Website with HTML Examples and Screen Shots: HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT & SEO (Web Programming Guide)

This book is the absolute guide to HTML programming for all those who wish to learn web design on their own. It is a do-it-yourself approach. This handbook contains many selected examples and screen shots to help you preview before trying out the codes. You would certainly get to know all you need to know about HTML just reading this book. It contains all you need to know as a an intending HTML programmer. Everything about HTML, CSS and a little about CSS. A simplified Edition. You certainly will find the author's writing style very unique, creative and captivating. Most other web design books are not really created with so much creativity. You simply have fun learning. This book is a must-read. It is ideal for every reader, young or old, male or female, amateur or experienced. Wether you are looking forward to starting a blog or learning how to program, you will certainly find this book useful. It is highly recommended also for those who run a web design training program! We give you examples in every case and provide you screen shots so you see for yourself, how the code would look on a web browser. So, If you are new to web design, this book is just for you. It has been carefully arranged to meet your needs. Step by step, we teach you everything from html. You learn how to use form controls, append images, align texts, format page contents, insert a script to your web page include meta information, and lots more. The author has drawn so much experiences from 9 years+ programing experience. Many readers are simply amazed! Its good to help you meet your basic needs- learning web design. This is the reason this book has been put into digital and print formats. We also maintain an online blog where you could ask questions and study tutorials on PHP, MySQL, CSS, XML and jQuery. You can visit this blog or reach me anyday through the contact information inside this book. For now, i wish you a happy reading...

Author: Mr Desmond Ohwofosirai

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