Holistic Information Security

Key FeaturesLearn to improve your website securityTeaches methods for maximizing security at minimal cost, by introducing effective measures at key stagesPractical advive that can be immediately applied to websites and team processed to strengthen against attackHow to think for yourself when you're under attackBook DescriptionThis book begins a new Holistic Infosec series that will give you a broad and in-depth coverage of what web developers and architects need to know today to create robust, reliable, maintainable and secure software, and networks - that are delivered continuously, on time, with no nasty surprises.Holistic Information Security begins by taking the reader to the 30,000’ view, so you can start to see the entire security landscape. It then explains a very simple threat modelling approach created by Bruce Schneier, called the Sensible Security Model (SSM).Kim Carter then takes Schneier's approach and applies it to increasingly fine details of Information Security picture. Kim details how to set-up a security focussed distribution with all the tools and configuration options required for working through the book. You'll then walk through the Process and Practices that attackers often execute, and Kim provides key techniques from that experience to show you how to train website defenders. You'll also learn how website defenders can find defects from the most expensive places through to the cheapest places within your Sprint cycles.This book will ultimately help you answer your own questions, and you'll learn how to create systems, and arm people, to withstand the types of attacks commonly encountered today. You'll see that by simply lifting the lower hanging fruit for an attacker, they will frequently move on to an easier target. Unless they are specifically targeting you... so Kim Carter then goes into depth about how you can find many of the risks and countermeasures to increase the difficulty for your attacker, and dramatically increase your chances of defense and counter-attack in the modern security world.What you will learnHow to use the Schneier threat modelling approachSetting up your tool-beltThe process of penetration testingA collection of processes and practises formulated from penetration testingHow to augment your Scrum Sprints to increase securityHow to survive if you are being directly targeted and attackedHow to think for yourself when you're under pressure in the modern security world About the AuthorKim Carter is an experienced Senior Software Architect / Engineer, Entrepreneur and the founder of BinaryMist. He is passionate about mentoring and motivating cross functional, self managing teams, and is the OWASP NZ Chapter Leader. Kim's website is https://binarymist.io.

Author: Kim Carter

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