Google SEO for Bloggers: A Step-by-Step Strategy for Getting Google Love

I determined to learn everything I could about Google SEO and getting on the first page of the world's largest search engine. I read all the SEO books and everything I could find about link building and website marketing. I put together an SEO process for every post I wrote and the results were astounding. I tripled my Google search traffic over the next year and doubled my monthly blogging income. Best yet, using it frequently means I've perfected the process and now it takes very little time to rank a post on Google. While other bloggers waste their time with social media and begging their friends, I use this SEO strategy and link building process for instant Google love every time. This isn't a collection of SEO tricks but a detailed strategy from easy steps that draw visitors to the tactics that will rank your site. Laid out so even the beginner can easily understand. This isn't just a blogging book. I've shared this SEO process with friends that use it for ecommerce sites and consulting businesses. Learning how to rank your website on Google is the best website marketing you'll ever do. It's free and will continue to bring you search traffic for as long as you own the website.

Author: Joseph Hogue

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